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Ceragem of Minnesota is Minnesota's only distributor of Ceragem Thermal Massagers!  Our products come from Ceragem International, Inc, the largest provider of high quality thermal massagers in North America.  


Ceragem combines the benefits of Eastern health techniques handed down from generation to generation with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today.  Ceragem alleviates the stress and pain that accumulates in your body from everyday living by improving blood circulation, loosening stiff muscles, and easing joint pain (including aches associated with arthritis).   


Improve your health with a Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massager!  We offer two Ceragem models: the Ceragem-Master V3 and the Ceragem-C. Experience first-hand the benefits of Ceragem and improve your health.  We also offer massage sessions at our Designed for Health store location.  Come visit us today! 



Massage Sessions


  •  Ceragem-Master V3.
  • Massage sessions run 37 minutes.
  • Buy 3 sessions, receive the 4th one FREE! Afer that sessions are only $5!
  • Package deals are available!  Call for prices.  We also sell gift certificates!
  • Those interested in purchasing a thermal massager can receive a free trial! 



Our store: Designed for Health


Store Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9-5:30 pm
Thursday: 10-5:30 pm
Saturday: 10-4:30 pm
Sunday: Closed

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